Daily Dog (or almost daily)

Picture of a grown dog, as close to daily as I can.  Some are boarding/training dogs, some are mine, some are foster dogs.  But none are looking for homes, unless I specifically say they are.  The pups/dogs looking for homes are on the blog page.  (Go look, you need a new best friend – and this is where they are born!)


Lorelei!  She is a Chinese Crested Puff, and is the mom of the latest litter – a Crestie-Poo litter.  Yes, Saint Dominick wooed and seduced her and she proudly gave him The Big Bang litter.   Go see the pictures under the Available Page.  But this is my lovely Lorelei.  About 12 pounds, she has the best traits of a Crested, sweet, loving, wants to please and adores being with her people.  Her pups will, too!



This is Saint Dominick.  He is no saint.  What was I thinking?  He loves the ladies and if you get a poodle or poodle mix pup from me, he is probably the dad.  I mean seriously, the man just loves the ladies.  And I just love him…


This is Jeremiah.   He is a long haired black and cream mini dachshund.  Do NOT call him Jerry.  He doesn’t approve.  He does like some lap sitting, cuddling and letting people know he has an attitude.   Can’t you tell by that face?  That gorgeous face….





Sammi and Sparkle, wondering if I’m planning on feeding them, like real soon?



Hanging out, wondering if I plan to give them treats or if they should go back to sleep….

Lily, Jeremiah and Ellie.



This is my Yorkie male, Spencer.  Well, his name is Spencer unless he’s being very naughty – as Yorkies do! – and then it’s Chester.  Why?  Who knows why we do what we do around here…




Aug. 22, 2017

This is JJ – she loves to bed sleep and snuggle and chew on other dogs’ ears.  Its a doxie thing, what can I say?



July 31, 2017

  This is Emmy.  She is a min poodle and all five pounds of her runs the house.  Emmy goes where Emmy wants and Emmy does what Emmy chooses.  Look at those eyes.   How could you resist?    Yes, she sleeps with me in my bed at night, because, as I said, Emmy does what Emmy wants.   And she wants to go upstairs and eat the leftover cat food and then share the bed with me and pant tuna breath all over me.  What can I do?  Just accept the inevitable.


July 20, 2117

Sparkle’s favorite spot – on the back of the couch, checking out the squirrels in the tree.




July 10, 2017

Hannah Claire.  Apricot toy poodle.  And yes, all my dogs have middle names.  And nicknames.   Don’t yours?