Where does your new best friend live?

Why, here, of course!   But that isn’t quite what I meant.    Where are they born? In a  kennel in the yard?    Where do they grow to be big puppies and ready for their forever homes?  Underfoot or outside in the barn?

Well.  Like I’ve said before, many many puppies are born on my bed.  I KNOW – but the linens wash, and I have towels handy. Plus a whelping pen I can move them to as soon as I know things are happening.   I take my moms to bed with me the last few days before they are due.  I realize some pups (and people’s) babies are born on a schedule.  Mine, hey, they like to pick the worst or most inconvenient times and, conspire –  Let us arrive!  Why not?   She had three hours sleep last night – tonight seems perfect to show up!  Since she will be sleeping hard, I can fit in a few before she moves us!

Before the pups are born, I bring the moms down here in the writing room during the day where we all hang out.  And while there are 4 open crates, a couple couches and a recliner for them to go in, most chose to have them on my foot. Again, why not?   They know who loves them and will take care of them.    But then they are moved to my bedroom till they open their eyes.

Then – this happens.


This is in the dining room and front tv room, away from the bigger dogs, but still in ear shot and that is where we eat, I fold laundry, hang out, etc.   They are well socialized there.   (As are my bigger dogs here who for some reason are going crazy ‘it’s raining!!!  We don’t want out but but but!’  LOL!  Silly dogs.  I threw them some new toys to distract them and we are playing. )

I tried to take some pictures of the poodle mix pups looking for homes – they just had a bath today and I deep cleaned the pen while they were drying – and…they were not wanting to pose.  But!

4 boys, 2 girls – poodle crested mixes – 15 pounds max full grown and Adorable.  Look just like their poodle dad – but their hair will be easier to care for.   $350 brings anyone home  Ready to home weekend of the 20th!   Contact me soon for information and better pictures of these adorable babies!

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Poodle Mix Pups!

Yes, I have puppies – an entire litter of adorable pups!   Their mom is our precious Stella Orkarina – Stell, Rin, Rina – and this is her last litter.   I got her for my son after his dad passed away and she is ready to retire and be his full time pillow..  The kid is over her being gone for a few months every couple years while she has a litter of pups and wants her back in his bed full time.   I can’t blame him – I have a couple dogs I sleep with, and he only has her.

She has the best temperament.   Great kid dog, great family dog and while these pups all look just like their playboy poodle dad, we hope they get mom’s perfect personality.    I’m working on it.   And so is she.  Dad made his genetic contribution and he’s so moving on to greener pastures.

Anyway – they should be about 10-12 pounds fully grown – great size for your growing family.  Not too big to be picked up, and small enough to lap sit – and they will want to, I promise!

There are 2 girls   – one is black and white, Puffin,  and one is solid black, Darjeeling – like the exotic tea.  What else should a Crestie-poo if not exotic?

And there are three boys – Caviar, Oreo and Smokey.  Oreo, obviously is black and white – the others are solid black.

Ready to be home before Halloween to help you hand out candy or be dressed up and adorable (keep the chocolate for yourself, no matter how they beg!).

Do you see your new best friend?   Contact me soon – $350 for any of them, and $100 deposit holds, with weekly pictures till they are ready to go home!

KateS5@live.com  –  217 454 2730 – leave a message

Facebook –   https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

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New stuff!

Two new things going on right now!  One, I have a litter of mini poodle mix pups looking for homes.  Every single one of them look like their mini poodle dad.

Yeah, I’m a bad groomer – tell me something I don’t know….

4 boys, 2 girls – Mom is a Chinese Crested puff, our infamous Stella who plays tether ball and is my son’s pillow.  This is her last litter.  She will be getting spayed in November and will live the life of leisure hanging out in my son’s room and eating his leftover pizza crust.   She has the best temperament, and I hope despite looking like their dad, all the pups will have the same.

They now have eyes open and are searching for their forever homes!  Only $350 for the girls and $300 for the boys, they will be smart, funny, excellent companion and family dogs.

NOW for the other news of the day – you knew I had something….   meet McKenzie – Kenzie is 8 weeks old and not looking for a home.  She is my new baby and since I’ve promised you all training info – I’m going to be training this baby and showing off both our successes and failures.

Wanna join in the fun?  Will be sharing at least once a week – we are starting with puppy pad training, and coming when you are called.  She has been here less than 24 hours and that is our plan – well, besides settling in and learning that her mommy is the best thing ever.   I mean – really, that kinda goes without saying, right?  (She’s not so sure yet, but she’s hoping.)

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Potty Training 101

                   Potty Training Tips

(This is a PDF I send to most of my new parents – some haven’t had puppies in a while, and some never have – it’s just a generic quick overview of housebreaking your new pup.)

       Congratulations on your new baby – who, by the way is Not housebroken.  If anyone tells you an 8 week old puppy is, well, I have this bridge for sale…  

     What I do here, is when they are born, I  put them in a small exercise pen. That is where they are for safety till their eyes open.   I put an open crate in the pen for their bed. A tarp goes under it for my floor’s safety. Just a plastic one from Walmart or Target, about $5 bucks, and you can wash and dry it.   Then when they are tiny, I put down an old towel right outside the crate where they sleep. When they learn to toddle, they go out of the crate and pee and poop on the towel. As they get older, I put down a puppy training pad and they use that instead.    

    As they grow, I move it further from the crate.   Most of them are very good about getting to it. And that is the start of potty training.  

    Once you get them home, I highly suggest you use the same set up.  This does a few things – keeps baby safe while you are gone, and yet, if you leave them more than a few hours, is better than just a crate, because they literally can not hold it for more than a few hours.   You will hear ‘they don’t pee where they sleep’ but if they can’t hold it, they can’t hold it- and they will go in the crate, and once they start….well… you don’t want to deal with that.

    This is short term for most people.   They want baby to pee outside! Not in the house!  So. Figure out where. Yes, at some point you can open the back door, they will run out and pee and come back in, but not yet.  Walk them to where you want them to, on the leash. If you ‘fly’ them there (pick them up and carry them) they won’t have a clue where they are – am I outside?  In the back bedroom? Who knows! Which confuses them. You want them to know where they are to go. Walk the same way to the same spot every time. Use the same words.  

    You can hang a bell on the back door and ring it when you go out, or take baby’s foot and have him scratch it, if you want -but  they will learn to let you know in their own way eventually.

Gracie – she’s looking for her forever home!

    Stand there in the one spot you want them to go,  and sing a song or two while holding the leash out at about arm’s length, and ignoring baby who hopefully will sniff around and pee/poop.  If baby does, when baby does!, then give them a treat out there and praise softly.   Get too excited and so will they.   But they need to know, this is a good thing!  I did good!!!

    Then leave the mess there, if possible.  It won’t kill the grass, you will be fine a few days, so when you walk baby back out to the same spot, they will think – “Smell, Mom – someone peed here before!  Let me cover that up for you,” and pee again. Yay!!! Boys are really good about this, but the girls do it too.

    Then after that, if it’s nice, let them play a bit.  But first thing is, we do our business. You will so thank me for this when it’s 20 below  (except for you Florida people who laugh). If baby does nothing in a song or two, take them back in, pop them in the crate and take them back out in fifteen/twenty minutes.    

Babies like to please their people.   They will do what is wanted.

    If they have an accident in the house – and you see them do it, scream like they are killing you and hopefully that will make the sphincter close up, then grab them and hurry them outside to the right spot. If they go again – oh man, smartest puppy ever!  Make sure they know that. Treat, praise. Clean it up inside with something that says enzymatic. Enzymes, so that they can’t smell where they went before.

   If you don’t see them do it, then smack yourself with the fly swatter and say Bad Parent!  I messed up! Clean it up and move on with life. Puppies will not understand the consequences of anything that happened less than 30 seconds ago.  I promise.

    This process is going to take a month or two.  So did you – and your kids. But then you will have hopefully 18 years of a great trained dog to enjoy.  Hang in there!

Remember – the more you do the same things in the same way, and they are rewarded for what you want, the faster they will catch on!  

Email me if you have questions or issues!   Good Luck! Kate

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Apricot Poodle Puppies!

Remi and BeeBee had a home – but sadly, it fell through, so even though their eyes won’t open for another day or two, they are searching for their forever home!  Where are you?  Inquiring minds need to know!

Mom is an apricot toy  poodle.

And dad is a black mini with a wandering, devilish gleam in his eye.

Okay, fine – he has a devilish gleam when I groom him properly.   I can see it!

BeeBee is an adorable little girl who is colored like her mom, but has her dad’s white streak under her throat and a bit across her head that must have come from the mailman…..

Remi is a solid apricot, just like mom, and can’t wait for his eyes to open to explore the world!

She is $650, he is $600, $100 deposit holds with weekly pictures and updates till they can go home!  Contact me soon!

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Lather, rinse, repeat!

What do you say a hundred times a day at your house?   My grandma’s was “Turn out the lights!”.  My mom’s was “Stay out of the candy!”    I say, “Lor, I’m just going to the bathroom!”   Okay, maybe not a hundred but often enough, you’d think she’d get it by now.  I’m not leaving forever!  I’m just going to the bathroom and coming right back!   Does she care?  Of course not.  She thinks her world has ended and I’ll never return, so she has to jump up and down by the gate, and whine, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”  Until I’m out of sight and suddenly she’s quiet.   Weird….   Has she figured out I’m just in the bathroom? Or out of sight out of mind?  I don’t know!

She left me again….my world has ended…..

Does yours get all upset when you leave?   Going to work or to the bathroom or just leaving the room they are in?   Some dogs do have true separation anxiety and the ‘cure’ for that is a vet visit and meds.  It’s a physical or mental condition, that can be helped but not solved by training, and needs more.   I knew a dog once who bloodied themselves, teeth and paws, trying to get of crates, fences, gates, doors, etc to get to their people, or just out.   Most dogs, like my Lor, just get anxious.   It’s common – we are their world, after all.   Take it as a (very annoying) sign of love and devotion.

So what to do about it?  I usually just ignore it, mostly.  Other than my exasperated, “Lor, I’m just going to the bathroom!” comment.  They usually self soothe in a few minutes.  Some people have put up nanny cams to prove this to themselves.   But if you want to help them out,  here are a few tips.   Realize dogs can tell time.  We all know of the dogs who start going to the door to wait on Dad when it’s time for him to come home for work, or to the end of the drive to wait on the school bus.  Plus you do about the same thing, have a  routine,  when you are getting ready to leave.  They don’t realize you have to go to work to play for their fancy dog food, after all – they may be able to tell time, but the money concept evades them.   They don’t care why you are going, just that you are.

 You still there, Mom?

One thing, if your dog is over reacting to your leaving, is to go more.  I know, sounds strange.   But when you are home, do your ‘leaving routine’ put your shoes on, shut out the lights, put them up, or whatever you do, get in the car, drive to the end of the drive, and then come right back.  Or just step outside the door, and turn around and come back in.  The key to doing this – and every single time you come home, for your anxious dog – is to ignore them.   Open the crate, snap on the leash and take them out or whatever you do, but don’t go all, “Mommy missed you so much! It was so awful, I love you more than anything,” while you are petting and cuddling and getting both of you all worked up.  This increases their anxiety – something happened to mom! What was it?  I’m here for you, Mom! If you just stayed here with me, that bad thing wouldn’t have happened.  Don’t leave again, okay!

Sure, you are glad to see baby, but be glad more calmly.   You are doing your anxious dog no favors by stressing them out more.   So, you are going in, going out, going in, going out, and hopefully soon, baby will realize (unlike my Lor) that you will be back.   Watch a tv show and do it every commercial.  See, they have those in there for a reason!  Or every fifteen minutes while you are doing housework.  Just repeat it often, over time.

Another thing to do is hit the pet store and buy several ‘leaving toys’.  Toys you can fill with peanut butter or their dry kibble, or a puzzle toy, a squeaker toy that would drive you nuts, something they only get when you leave.   A new one every day – swap them out, and pick them up as soon as you get back.  It is only there when you are gone, and they will soon learn to look forward to it.

  Someone say toy?

Just like with coming back, make leaving matter of fact.  It’s just what you do, by baby, see you after a bit!  The calmer you are about it, the calmer they will (eventually) be.    Never ever reassure them, soothingly.  “It’s okay, baby, Mommy is coming back.  You’ll be fine, I’m sorry.”   What they hear when you say that, in that tone is, “What a good dog!  You are acting just like mommy wants you to act!”   Not your goal at all.

What does yours do?  How do they act when you leave?   Wanna come watch most of my dogs not care, a couple follow me to the gate and Lor get herself all worked up?  Yeah, I’m Just Going To The Bathroom!  Again….

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Since there are no available puppies right now,  I’m working on a series of frequently asked questions.   Things new puppy parents ask me a lot.   If you have a question or want to ask or discuss something, do it here in the comments or pop over to the FB page and take  look.  I’ll chatter about anything.  Well, mostly anything…try me and we will see!   First up – a little information on getting your new puppy’s  attention!

Pay  Attention to Meeee!!!!!!!

High on the list of frustrations for people is when their puppy ignores them.  I’ve had I don’t know how many people say, “I think baby is deaf.” Yeah, occasionally there are deaf puppies, but my husband had what I called “selective male deafness” and sometimes puppies do, too.   Wait till puppy is playing with his ball, or half asleep and bang a spoon on a pot. If he looks, he isn’t deaf, you are being ignored. Why should they pay attention to you? I mean, you are just the source of everything in their lives, after all, right?  

 If you don’t have or can’t get their attention, nothing else you do is going to matter much.  You have to be the most fun and most exciting thing ever! Which is easy when you have a tiny puppy.   You are their world! They want to be with you! Use that and enjoy it, and take advantage of it. They will turn teenager soon enough.

First of all, you want to teach them to look at you, look your way.   Think of one word. I say, “Me” some people say “Look” or “Watch” you can say ‘mustard’ or whatever you want – but one word.  Take a tiny bit of treat and wave it under baby’s nose. Let them sniff, and say their name, first, then your word. “Baby, Watch.”   And move the treat up by your nose. Hold what passes for eye contact for about two seconds, give treat and praise. ALWAYS REWARD BABY FOR DOING WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO.  Treats are good, praise is good, playing ball for ten seconds. Whatever. Just let them know ‘that’s what I wanted! Yay you!’. They don’t know what you want or how life works – they are babies!  So, tell them!

Your goal is when you say “Baby, Watch” they look your way.  Now, I just put my finger by my nose and my dogs go, “Hey, Mom is up to something, let’s pay attention!”   

Do that half a dozen times a day – it takes like five seconds after all.   “Baby, watch!” Hold eye contact, reward. Do it before they eat, before play time, when you are getting ready to put the leash on, just incorporate it into your day.   Your goal is to hold eye contact for about five seconds. Easy for some, harder for others, but you will have this baby for about 18 years hopefully, be patient. They are learning a lot right now!  

Couple weeks ago, they didn’t even have eyes open and were smaller than a soda can!

If they don’t follow your treat up to your nose (eyes), use something smellier, or  use a noise instead. A clicker or a click with your mouth or a whistle, just anything to get their attention and look toward you.  Put your finger to your nose. Reward, as if they did it the first time, they are just learning.

Okay, after you have done that a few times, and baby seems to be getting the hang of it, take one step backwards and say, “Baby, come!”   Puppy will more than likely follow you. If so – Most brilliant baby, ever!!! Get on the floor and love all over them, then stand back up and do it again.   “Baby, watch! Baby, come.”

One thing to remember when you are working with puppy, is not to repeat  your command over and over and over. They will turn into kids who refuse to do anything till you ‘start counting to three’.  Why should they? You aren’t serious till then. Say it once, then stand on your head instead of repeating it. Okay, since they are babies, you can actually say it twice, but no more!   Promise me? Make kissy noises or do something else, but don’t stand there and go ‘come, come, come, come.’ or ‘sit sit sit sit sit sit’ which is my personal pet peeve. We haven’t talked about sit yet.  We will.

Okay -so for today, we have ‘Baby, Watch’ and ‘Baby, Come’.   I’m going to do a few more articles on ‘Come’ because that is just the beginning.  We want that puppy bounding to you every single time you call, because it can literally save their lives if they slip off lead, and can save you lots of frustration when puppy is jumping, barking, chewing your shoes, digging up your couch, i.e. acting like a normal puppy.   Questions? Comments? Looking forward to them!

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Dachshund girls!

You know, my life would be better if I had an eye for detail and if I was a decent photographer.   I mean, my daughter and her husband, and my sister in law are all professional photographers.  My son in law even teaches classes!  Maybe I should take one?   Or six….nah, no one wants to see their mother in law that much.    My old camera died and I’m making do with a small cheap one till I invest in another.   Any suggestions?

But even my mad, bad skills can’t be topped by the cutest puppy faces ever!   I mean, seriously, just look!

Adorable! Look at those fat feet!  And sweet eyes. and aren’t you jealous of my job? Having to love on puppies…  Born Aug 1, the three little girls will be ready to go home late Sept.   Just in time to join your family for the holidays!  Where will you hang her stocking?   She needs presents!   But you already knew that, right?

$450 each – contact me for more information!  One sister is already homed – make sure your new best friend comes home to you!

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Mixed bag of super sweet squishy adorableness!

There are a few puppies looking for homes!  How is yours?  Got room for a snuggle bug?  Feeling sad and need a best friend to comfort you?  Feeling happy and need a bouncy companion?  Got an active family and want a buddy to join the fun?  How about retired and need someone to warm your lap?  Guess what I have?  Yes!  All that and more!  It’s your lucky day!

First of all – I have 2 male and one female Chinese Crested/poodle mixes.  Most of their (8, OMG she had 8!!) siblings have been homed, but they are still seeking.   Born July 1st, they are ready to go home in 2 weeks.   End of August.   They have the best of both breeds and their parents!  Small – probably under about ten pounds, hypoallergenic, smarter than you but try not to let them know, they will get the big head,  entertaining, cuddly, active and adaptable – and I mean, why would you want anything else??    Males are $300 and female is $350   Evan, Ethan and Emily!

THEN there are 4 little girls!  Girls! I rarely get girls!  One or two a litter at most and this time – four of them! My cup runneth over!  Mom and dad are both long haired dachshunds.   The two little red girls look like their mom who is the most adorable baby Ever.  (except for my other ones, of course)   Born August first, they will be ready to go home end of Sept and will home quickly – because SO cute!! $450 each, $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they go home.   Their eyes will open next week, and then hang on to your hat!  Or shoe laces. They aren’t really into hats, unless you put them on the floor.  Now, shoes….their mom loves to chew my shoes.  She’s cute and I buy cheap, so….

Gretchen and Gretal are the two reddish girls.

Heidi and Hallie are the two black and white ones who look just like their grandma and might be short haired like her.

Looking for love?  Stop the dating sites and look here!

Contact me soon!



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Chip and his bag of chips? His dips?

Chip  – the doxie-poo is still looking around for his forever home.   He thinks he’s going next week when his siblings do – I’m not telling him any differently.   Shhhh!!! Or contact me and hopefully he will never find out!   He will be great for a growing family, an established couple, or someone who just needs some loving for the next 18 years.  Is it you?


And then we have The Big Bang Litter! Born July 1st –   3 girls, 5 boys – who doesn’t love those odds, right, ladies?   Mom is a Chinese Crested being featured on the Daily Dog page.    She is about 12 pounds, and then there is the oft mentioned, much aligned Saint Dominick, who yes, loved and left another woman in tears while he gallivanted off to the next female.

Amy, Penny and Bernadette – who is the small black and white one – are just learning to toddle around and learn their way in the world.  They are starting to eat big puppy food and giving mom a break, and heaven knows the girl deserves one.



Then there are the boys.  Howard, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Stuart.   Stuart is the white and sable one – I think I have him on Puppyfind.com as Yukon for now – I can’t decide…what do you think?   Something different?  That works too.   Just let me know!

They will be ready to go home the end of August – just in time to get trained for the upcoming holidays!  What are you putting under the tree for your adorable new family member?    Girls $350 – boys $300.   $100 deposit holds with weekly updates till home time!   Contact me soon for more details!

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