Potty Training 110

Yeah, I’m not doing 101 – I’m talking just a little bit different here. I’ve trained dogs many years and I’ve always told people, if you wanted a dog you could house break in 48 hours, you should have gotten a lab. Instead you got This – insert dramatic point to any small dog. Now, if you ask a lot of people, they will tell you their small dog had maybe one accident, perhaps two but were then perfect forever! One, they have selective memory and two, so you will you in ten years.

Back in the day when someone was home all the time and dogs were allowed to run wild in the neighborhoods, it was easy to train them. Toss their butts out the door in the morning and don’t let them in for hours. Easy peasy! We don’t do that now. Leash laws and often someone isn’t home all day. So – what do do, what to do?

WELL, any good dog book will tell you – put the dog in a crate all the time, because dogs don’t pee where they sleep. When you take them out, run them to where they should go and instant training! Yay! Except…. if you are gone to work all day and your puppy is a couple months old, he simply can’t hold it that long. Not an opinion, a fact. Once they start peeing in the crate, then you get to wake up, come home to, anytime, a urine and poop soaked puppy because that is where they think they go. Not the goal, right? Their answer- go home for lunch. Ummm, then there is the real world where people often don’t have that option.

So, here is what I do, and how your baby will come home with the idea that this works. First of all, I don’t crate all day, for the littles I use an exercise pen, like this one : https://amzn.to/2JL3MKt I put an open crate in there, and that way they have a safe place to go sleep and get away, but can go out to pee.

x pen, open crate and potty pad

Here, when they are little and move out of my bedroom where they are usually born, they come down to live with the family. They go in a pen, with the open crate, and I put a potty pad right outside the crate door. Since puppies/dogs try not to pee where they sleep, they crawl out of it when they are about 3-4 weeks old and pee on the puppy pad, then go back to bed, ’cause man, that is tiring. Then as they get a little older and stronger, I move it away from the crate. When they find it and go, that is the start of housebreaking. We don’t pee in the crate, we pee elsewhere. But only if we are allowed to get out of the crate in time.

another view

I have half a dozen crates and kennels sitting around and only a couple have a door I can lock. Like kids, sometimes dogs need a time out, but mostly they go in and out of them freely to sleep or hang out or whatever. Dogs like a den, so since I spoil them, I supply them one.

I’ll talk more about housebreaking in the future, but am very often asked ‘what do you do?’ This is what I do. But yes, I’m here to hold your hand and help you through it if you need it. No problem!

Josiah, looking for a home!
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Six little boys!

Is that anything like six little kittens who lost their mittens? Or am I mixing metaphors or similes or something? Does it matter? Nah. You just want to see the puppies! And perhaps consider giving one a forever home? Who knows?

So first of all there are the poodle Crested mixes. Three males, two more black who look like dad, one more white who resembles mom, but acts like his (poodle non related) Aunt Hannah. He is the first to run to me, the first to give kisses. The other two are a little more laid back, which is also good!

Timothy, Josiah and Benjamin

Born June 14th, they will be ready to go home in less than a month! Start planning now – $100 hold with weekly pictures and updates, then $300 cash on delivery.

We also have 3 little mini dachshund baby boys. Born June 17th, they will be ready to go home mid August. $100 holds, with $400 cash on delivery. Aren’t they adorable? That wasn’t a question – they are!

Matthew, Maverick, Max

Then there is the poodle litter, however I won’t be taking deposits on them until Saturday – get them over the week old mark. They all seem fine and healthy, but last thing I want to do is break someone’s heart. So we will wait – just so you know, mom is a very small mini, dad is a regular mini. I have 2 apricot girls at $750 each, 1 apricot boy and 3 black boys. $700 each. They all seem now to be on the smaller side but will see as they get older.

I need names….so many names……

As always – contact me for more information/pictures on any one. KateS5@live.com or FB message me on that page – https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel or leave me a message on here! Looking forward to hearing from you! Kate

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Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! I’ve been working on books all summer – more on that later, but for now, we want to talk puppy. We know you really want to talk puppy, right? Well, so – lets talk about puppy! There are a few looking for their forever homes. Getting a puppy is about an 18 year commitment. You up to that? Me too!

I did have a surprise litter because I’m all not paying attention when I’m writing and my poodle boy is very sneaky and very determined to get his own way. He and one of my Chinese Cresteds were out after curfew apparently and as our moms always told us – nothing good happens after midnight!

Three little boys!


They are $400, and a hundred holds till they are ready to go home in August. First shots, de wormed, pre spoiled already….I’m so bad.

Then we have a dachshund litter – yeah, I knew about this one. Born June 17th, they are just starting to go from the ‘awww so cute, what is it’ stage to ‘awww, dachshund baby!’ stage. 4 boys and one girl left – one just found a home.

The four boys
The two girls

The girls are $550, the boys are $500 – and again $100 holds till they go home.

And – shhhhhh – don’t tell anyone. But we have a two day old poodle litter…..

Mini poodle babies!

Contact me for more information and pictures on anyone! Leave a message on here – or email me – KateS5@live.com text 217 454 2730 or check me out on FB https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

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The End Game?

Apparently there is a movie out that is causing some talk. Something about.. I don’t know. Last movie I saw at the theater, I think was Godzilla. The one with Matthew Brodrick? I don’t movie often, I guess.

But my son, who does movie often told me that these two pups looked just like Thor and Loki. Now I know who they are, ’cause I was sort of a mythology buff when I was younger. So!

Thor is a Poodle/Crested mix. He had a home but it fell through. Hey, stuff, happens, I know, and he is happy here – but would be happier with his very own family. Born Feb 4th, he is ready to go home now. He looks just like poodle dad except his hair isn’t as curly as dad’s. I think that is a good thing – that curly hair is challenging to keep brushed!


Sweet boy!

He is $350 – contact me soon!

Then there is Loki who is a Chinese Crested. Mom is about 15 pounds, dad is about 8 – he is smaller, but don’t tell him! He’s adorable, sweet, playful, fun and hypoallergenic. Born 3/24 he will be ready to home mid/late month. $400.



You know you need a baby for not only summer fun, but to be your best friend as long as they live.

Contact me – FB –
https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel or email. KateS5@live.com

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One of those weeks….

So, we all have Those Weeks, or days when everything breaks and nothing works and the dogs poop on the floor, track in mud, mud, and more mud, and the car doesn’t start and the phone won’t work and there is nothing in the house worth eating….well! Yes. I’m whining. However, I’m luckier than many because I am never without comfort. Dogs on my lap, in my chair, in my bed, kissing me all over. I swear, no one can make you feel better than a dog loving on you.

We’ll be glad to cuddle after we finish shredding the paper towels. First things first!

Having a bad day? Week? A great one and wanting to share it? Hey, we like good days too!

Here is who are looking for forever homes! Ready to home mid/late May, there are four little dachshund babies wanting to share their love, sleep in your bed, eat your popcorn, chew your shoes and dig holes in your yard. What’s a sprained ankle between friends, right?

Dimitri was born 3/21 and looks to be a long haired like dad.


Then there is Deacon.


Born 3/24 here is Garrett.


Last but not least – Gretchen is a squishy little bundle of love…


Boys are $450, she is $500, and $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to go home! Could they be any cuter? I might be just a tad prejudiced, but that’s because I get cuddles and loves. Yeah, I’ll share – contact me soon!
https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/ or KateS5@live.com for the fastest response! (like I said, my phone is being wonky….sigh – week is over soon!)

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Who is Looking for a Forever Home? I’m Glad You Asked!

Time for an update – it has been crazy around here – how is your house? All sane and quiet and wonderful? You know what? I can change that – just add a puppy and shake! Or is that an olive and a martini? I don’t care for olives, and don’t drink martinis so it must be a puppy! Nothing will fill your house with love and laughter and annoyance and energy like a puppy will. Are they worth it? Yeah. No doubt.

I have several babies looking for forever homes! One came available just last night when his home fell through. We understand that and we are glad she knew now and not when puppy had been there 8 months and was doing his version of a puppy’s terrible twos!

His name is Hans and he’s a hairless male Chinese Crested – perfect for people who value the unusual, who might have allergies or cold hands (mine are my organic hand warmers) and a big warm heart. Born Jan 17th, he is ready to go home now. $450.

Hans – hairless male Crested

Then we also have a few Mini poodle/Chinese Crested mix pups. My poodle boy can be very sneaky. But I love him. These were born Feb 8th and are ready to go home end of the month. Mom has mostly weaned them already, they are eating well, and doing great.

Boys are $350 and they all look just like dad – the mini poodle. I don’t think their hair will be as curly, but other than that – daddy’s genes are strong.

Poodle mix – Simon

Poodle mix – Silas and Sebastian.

They have two sisters, too.

Samantha and Sabrina! $350

Too cute!

Also seeking a home, a litter of poodles – mom is a toy apricot, dad is my naughty mini. Born only March 9th, they will be ready to go home early May. Just in time for summer fun! One apricot girl, one black girl and one black boy. $500, $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to home. If you are interested, let me know soon, my last pure poodle litter homed before there eyes were open.

No names yet – have any ideas?

As always – email me, KateS5@live.com, or message me on Facebook, facebook.com/Kateskennel I update FB more than here, by the way. Leave me a message on here, or you can text or call, but really, I talk better with two hands than one finger….looking forward to meeting you!

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What’s going on in your life? I’ve had a rough couple days, personally. Professionally – yeah, life is good. I have a few little Crested Poodle mixes looking for homes – CrestiPoos! Dad is my infamous bad poodle boy, mom is my gorgeous Loralie who hates it when I want to go to the bathroom alone. Do you want to never pee alone again? I have a puppy for you! Samantha and Sabrina – Simon, Silas and Sebastian. $400 and a $100 holds till they re ready to go to their forever home! Contact me for information! Born Feb 8, they will be ready to go home with you early April!

Simon, Silas and Sebastian
Sabrina and Samantha

OH and a new book cover – coming out in April and yes, my teenager can tell his friends because it isn’t a (Ahem) okay – it’s a sweet romance. We will just go with that.

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Christmas Pups!


Hmmmm – so apparently my web people – yes, I have web people (who knew??) automatically upgraded my stuff.   If anyone knows me, change is not something I’m a big fan of, but we will see how this goes…. – if you hear someone sobbing in a corner, let me know and I’ll check a mirror, okay?

So there are a couple pups still looking for Christmas homes!  What other present will you give yourself that you will still be loving on in 18 years?  

There are two boys – same mom, same dad and oh so different.  I don’t judge.  I have two brothers.  One is five ten and bald.  The other is six five and is still brushing a full head of hair, which is hardly fair because no one ever looks down on it.  But!   The pups are both Chinese Cresteds – Nicholas is considered a hairless, though he has quite a bit of hair.  Very good pup for those with mild allergies and who just kinda don’t like hair.    


Then there is Tiny Tim – who, despite his name is a  big, fluffy, bundle of love and kisses.   He has hair and will enjoy your de stressing time of brushing.  Just as good as yoga!  

Tiny Tim

He’s adorable!

$400 each and ready to go home to be your best friend next week, just in time for Christmas!  Or they can hang out here till after your parties are over.    Some people have lives, I hear.  I just hang out with the dogs.  They appreciate it, I’m sure. 

There is also one Mini Poodle/Chinese Crested mix – CrestiePoo!   – left from a litter. His name is Oliver and won’t be ready to go home till mid January.   Can you think of a better time?  He will be home in time for lots of long winter night couch snuggles, popcorn sharing, crisp morning walks,  keeping your feet warm in bed.      He can’t wait!  $350 and $100 holds with weekly updates till he goes home!

Too cute!

Contact me soon for more information – KateS5@live.com   

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Got your tree up?

Are you doing a tree? I have mine up  but nothing under it yet.  I keep thinking – let’s just keep the presents safe.   What’s under yours?  I know a few pups who would not only be the best present under the tree this year, but also for the next 18 years.  What other present can say that?  They might as well give up and go to the Isle of Misfit Toys now!

Nicholas and Tiny Tim are both Chinese Crested boys and are ready to go home Christmas week!  Nicholas will be much less hairy – he will have the typical Crested bald spots and Tim will be a fluffy bundle of love.



Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim

Adorable, right?  Either will be a wonderful addition to your family life.   $400 each  $100 holds until Christmas week (or after if you are busy).

Then we have Mini Poodle/Chinese Crested mixes.  One little sable girl ($400) and 2 little black and white boys ($350 each) who were just born 11/25 so won’t be ready to home till mid January.   Just in time for long winter  night cuddles under the blanket and in front of the fire, crisp morning walks and more love that you can handle.




Oh – and shhhhh……don’t tell anyone….. but we have a brand new dachshund litter just born 12/6.   2 boys – one a silver blue, one a dark red, and two girls – reddish and white and dark brown and white.   My last litter was homed before they were a week old so if you have any interest contact me asap.   Aren’t they adorable!!!  $500 each – $100 holds till they are ready to home!

2 girls, 2 boys

dachshund litter

they reek of cute!

I hope you all have a great holiday!

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Time for Joy and Time for…Yukon Cornelius?

I love Rudolph!  The movie,  you know, the one with Burl Ives as the snowman.  Does the snowman have a name?  Huh.  Wait…..OH!  Google is your friend, my friends.   Sam the Snowman!  How could I have watched this for years and not known this?  I guess I was too busy hanging out waiting for the hunky prospector to show up.   Sigh…. yes, I’m easily impressed, why do you ask?

Anyway!   Now that I have my head away from cute beards and ‘staches –  let’s talk about puppies, because that is why you are really here, right?   There are two little boys ready to go home for Christmas.  What other present under the tree will be loved 18 years from now?  Not even a new car!  Well, maybe a Corvette?  But a puppy will.   They are ready to be your best friend for the rest of their lives.  Are you needing some unconditional love?  I’ve got it for you.   Two little Chinese Crested boys – look at those eyes  – they are searching for homes!




There is also Tiny Tim.  Yes, the Scrooge with Mr. Magoo is the only real one, in my opinion.   He is a soft cuddly bundle of fluff and love.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim

They were born 11/6 and are ready to go home around Christmas.  $400 each – $100 deposit holds till you are ready for them!

Then we have a brand new set of babies born 11/25..  2 black and white males, one sable female.  These are mini poodle/Crested mixes and will be ready to home mid January.    Put a collar and leash under the tree and they will be ready to come home after your life calms down again!

Sable girl 

Black and white boys

Girl is $400  – boys are $350.  $100 holds with weekly pictures till homed.

So – what are your favorite Christmas movies?

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