We have a few little dachshund pups looking for homes! Born just a few days ago, they will be ready to home early March. DO not tell me that isn’t almost spring. Yes, I know better but a person can hope, right? Spring, garden…and a big surprise coming up about then. I can’t wait to tell you all but ducks, they gotta row, you know.

Anyway! We have three little girls. Gorgeous babies who might be as pretty as their mom if they try hard enough – and three boys who will more than likely be as ornery as their dad. Mom is Juliet, a little short haired red and a dad is my black and tan long hair. I won’t know if they are short or long hair for several weeks yet. I do know they are doing well!

Daisy is grey and white. So striking!
This is Finnegan – such a face – he will look just like daddy!
Forrest is a red and white boy. Going to be attention getting!
Willow is a gorgeous silver gray – will she turn more brown/red? We don’t know!

There are a couple more but they have parents pending – we will see how things shake out – they are young yet.

$100 holds with weekly pictures and updates until they are ready to home in March. Then $500 cash when you get your new best friend. Any question, issues – email me – KateS5@live.com or look for my FB page and message me. I update there a lot more anymore. https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

Your new best friend is waiting for you….

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New puppies!

Will they be old enough to go home in time for Christmas? Well, close – but close enough you can be excited for a love bug after your rush of family and friends is over. If you have a quiet, lonely, holiday season, and decide you don’t want to be alone again, well, I have the solution. I am – never – lonely.

There are two mini poodle pups looking for homes. One boy, Ellis, one girl, Emily. They were born 11/15 and will be about 15 pounds maximum fully grown. Emily has a touch of white on one foot, and under her throat, and Ellis, so far is all black. $100 holds till ready to go home – then $500 cash on transfer.

Emily and Ellis

Then there are two Crested poodle mixes – same dad – tiny puff Crested mom. They will probably be smaller – she is about 10 pounds, dad is about 15. Born 11/19, they are $100 to hold and $300 cash when they go home.

Holly and Hunter
Adorable babies!
So pretty!

These will all be dog sized dogs – able to go for long walks, play ball with kids, tuck under your arm for a sweet carry, cuddle on the couch with Grandma and watch tv, and dance in the kitchen with you. They want to just be a happy part of your life. You will be their entire world. How could you ask for anything more?

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Yeah, you’d think we lived in Illinois – and it is cold out! In November, I mean really? Luckily I work from home and the dogs and I can snuggle down and stay in mostly. We are delicate hothouse flowers and do not like the cold. Between that and the workers in my back yard, well, I’ve gotten a lot of words written. The dogs have gotten a lot of lap and nap time. Life is good when you don’t have bills to pay, I guess!

Coming out 11/23! Book 2

Working on book five of my Hometown Love series and hope to have it done next week, but then I also am going to my Navy Chief’s Navy ball this weekend. My social life is killing me!

My daughter. While she served in Afghanistan.

But – the promise of spring and new life is here – I have two little dachshund pups looking for homes. Born 11/8 they will be ready to go home after Christmas. Just in time to wrap a collar and put it under the tree, then get them when the hullabaloo dies down. Do you have hullabaloo at your house or is it a nice laid back holiday there? It will be laid back here this year, due to conflicting schedules we won’t ‘do’ Christmas till January. Strange…

Anyway- here are the boys! $500 – $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to go. One little red and one little black and white one! Contact me on FB https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/ or email: KateS5@live.com

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Finally Friday!

Today is Friday! I love Friday, I start my Friday off with feeding the dogs, coffee and then the news. On the news show I watch, they play a Polka every Friday morning at 4 am and it kicks off the weekend for the dogs and me!

I mean the dogs don’t care it is Friday. And since I work from home, I really don’t either, but you have to mark time, somehow, right?

Today though, seems like a good place to start something new. I finished book four in my Hometown Love series, and sent it off to my publishers – here are the first two covers:

Coming out Oct 29th!
Coming out Nov 22nd

The third one has been accepted, but no news on it yet, and then I’m crossing my fingers they like number 4!

The last pup in the litter found a home and now I get some breathing room. No new pups due yet and these all start going home next week! They found great homes and I’m so excited for them to spread their wings and settle into their forever homes.

I have been house-hunting, which is nothing like it looks on tv shows. Looking for a few acres in the country for me and the dogs to settle into, for our forever home. You know, till the kids take away my keys and put me in a home. Haven’t found the best place yet. If there is a decent piece of land, the house is horrible and if the house is semi decent, there isn’t enough land. I’m not that picky but if I’m moving, I want it to be right. Moving is going to put a big cramp in my writing time.

So! Now – just in waiting mode. Need to start a new book, waiting on the puppies and looking forward to the house hunting. It feels like a new year! What kind of goals and plans do you have now?

One of my dogs living her best life out in the country. I want my dogs’ lives!
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Finally Fall!

It is finally fall – and I’ve already bought my first Christmas present – you? Hey, I have a big family and need an early start! The leaves haven’t really started but I still have tomatoes turning. Fall green beans that will need picked and onions in the garden.

Hurry up and turn before frost!
There were a couple peppers, too!

Puppies aren’t going out a whole lot yet, they are all still hanging with their moms who really do love being outside sometimes. No, they just hang out in the living room and learn to grow up. It’s a puppy thing.

There are a few pups still looking for a forever home!

There is one pure poodle boy, I call him Phillip but he really doesn’t care. Mom is a toy, dad is a mini, and he will be a darling rich apricot color and if he is anything like his folks smart enough to keep you on your toes, and will be in your lap and under your covers. He will be a social show off and a couch snuggling, tv watching snuggle bug. Mine like HGTV, just so you know. He is $600 total with $100 to hold till he is ready to go home.

Phillip – poodle male
Look at those eyes!

And then there are the three Crested/Poodle mixes, one white and sable little boy and two girls, one all back and the other black and white. All will be around 20 pounds max and sweet and unusual! Great family companion, therapy dogs or just your best snuggle buddy. Ready to go home early November, just in time for holiday fun! $400, $100 holds.

Monica, Joey and Phoebe!

Contact me soon on email – KateS5@live.com or on FB – https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

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Fencing the puppies

I recently took a class and met someone who also has doggies – she has a great blog and recently wrote an article about fencing. Now that may not seem exciting or important to you, but I’m having my fence torn down in my back yard in the next couple weeks. No, not my idea, but the power company does what the power wants to do, and they are building a new transformer, so my fence is going.

However, I have a lot of little dogs who need to be safe, so I was very interested in this. I grew up on a farm and built a lot of fence in my day, and poured a lot of concrete. But that has been a few years, so I really appreciated this reminder.

Guest post today!

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Training the people….

You get a dog breed for a reason – research your breed before you get a puppy or dog.

Jenny – my love. She digs holes and guards her babies.

“The art of training a dog owner.

Dog owner tells me: Hi, my dog pulls on the leash and runs into the woods after deer if I let it off leash.

Me: Okay. What’s the breed?

Owner: A siberian husky mixed with a coon hound.

Me: Okay, so you have a musher mixed with a hunting type of dog?

Owner: yes.

Me: ok, what are these breeds bred to do?

Owner: well, half of the dog should be pulling and the other half run into the woods and hunt.

Me: Yes. And your problem was?

Owner: it pulls on the leash and runs after wildlife.

Me: yea, it appears that you have a dog meant for pulling and hunting.

Owner: yes, that’s correct. Can you train it out of the dog?

Me: Do you have any interests?

Owner: Eh, yea sure I do. I like to paint and watch movies.

Me: can you consider quitting doing that?

Owner: no, I don’t think I can. But what does this have to do with dog training?

Me: would you consider doing something else that gives you the same pleasure you get from painting and watching movies?

Owner: I mean, sure I can do other things but it’s not as fun.

Me: ok. And what can you offer a musher that is more fun than pulling and a hunting dog that is more fun than hunting?

The dog owner is silent for a while.
Owner: That’s a good question. I don’t know.

Me: neither do I.

Owner: perhaps I should had gotten myself a PlayStation?

Me: haha, yea if you dont like hunting or being a lot outdoors training perhaps this dog isn’t for you.

Owner: yea, one should perhaps read up more before getting a dog. But it’s awfully cute!

Me: yes, I understand that.

Owner : it sheds a lot too. My husband goes crazy of all the fur everywhere.

Me: mmm, that’s something you have to deal with.

Owner : yes, it was even hairs in the stew last night.

Me: yea that’s not uncommon.

Owner : but you know what? I met a husky when I was 12. It was so beautiful. Ever since I’ve always wanted one.

Me: too bad you didn’t meet a PlayStation instead.

Owner laughs: alright, I think I’m starting to understand that it’s not the dog that has problems but me.

Me: haha, not much of a “problem”. What you are saying is very common. People with guarding dogs gets angry when their dog growls at strangers. People with sighthounds gets frustrated when their dog comes home with a baby rabbit. People often know too little when they get a dog.

Owner : thanks for the chat. I have learned a lot in 10 minutes.

Me: good luck in the future. There’s a lot we can do to help you in your training with the dog. But The dog will always have a need and joy to pull and hunt.

Owner: yes, I can understand that now.”

Author unknown.

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What, no holiday?!

So I’ve started a new book series and have 2 books in to my publisher so far – the third one is due Monday – we are talking Monday, a week from today….it isn’t even done, and I just got a total rewrite on it. Freaking out just a tiny bit. “How about we take out the holidays and just do generic winter?” Yeah, how about that, since they meet at Thanksgiving and it ends at New Year. See, this is me not panicking. Aren’t I doing it well? Yes, thought so, too. Or. Maybe not.

But! Puppies! I have a couple of those. 6 in fact. Daddy is my naughty mini poodle – mom is Loralie and this will be her last litter. She’s a Chinese Crested and going to get spayed and live the good life of being spoiled and adored and not knocked up.

Loralie – she loves being in the yard, hanging out.

She has three black and white pups, 2 mostly white like she is – I think they will have a few spots here and there like she does, and one totally black girl, who will look just like daddy. 3 boys, 3 girls.

The three boys
The three girls
The entire mess of them

Born Sept 14th, $400 each, $100 holds till they are ready to be home and in time to eat the Thanksgiving turkey bits you ‘accidentally’ drop on the floor! You know, the turkey I have to go back and take out of my book… Contact me via messenger here or email KateS5@live.com for an individual picture or more information!

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Can you hear me now?

“I think he’s deaf.” I’ve heard it more than once from new puppy owners. Sure, there are deaf puppies, but they aren’t common and most puppies aren’t. They simply don’t understand what you want them to do. You know, your mom used to say your dad had ‘selective deafness’ when asked to do something? Yeah, kinda like that. Puppies, despite what you think, aren’t born speaking our language. They don’t know what we want. We help them not understand by giving them mixed messages, often. We don’t mean to do that, but we are only human and it happens.

If we weren’t supposed to tear up the paper towel roll, why are you laughing?

Teaching a puppy, or an older dog, to come when called is vital. It can literally save their lives. If they slip leash in a parking lot or in a park and take off, a good solid recall can keep them safe. We want them safe. The little buggers have our hearts!

Puppies are easy. They like to follow us around, get under our feet, chew our shoe laces, and stay close. But they don’t know what ‘come’ means, so we need to teach it to them. It seems like we are throwing so much information at them in the first weeks they are home but trust me, they can handle it. ‘Come’ is a simple one. Take a step away, then say puppy’s name and Come. “Henry, Come!” He will. Love all over him and tell him good baby! Coming to you should be a party! And it takes all of ten seconds The idea is to do it ten times a day. You have 100 seconds a day to lay this foundation no matter how busy you are.

And I’m worth it!

Next step is to get him to come when he isn’t focused on you. Puppies sleep sometimes, they run and play and aren’t always underfoot. Or just look away. I pile about 10 to 15 small, tiny treats in a little cup in the mornings. Then throughout the day, when puppy is distracted, call his name to get his attention. ‘Henry!’ when he looks at you, take a step back and crouch down, or lean down if your crouching skills have faded, and say invitingly, ‘Henry, Come!’ Hopefully he will! Then give him that small treat and love all over him. The goal is to have him realize coming to you is the best thing ever! You can even do this when you are out walking. If he’s lagging or sniffing or bounding ahead, stop and get his attention by calling his name, then ‘Come!’ My goal is to have that treat cup empty by the end of the day because I’ve called him that many times.

Don’t look at me. I’m not coming to you. That’s for the pitiful dogs.

When you are certain you have a good strong foundation, practice some more. Remember, you are the reward, treats help, sure, but coming to you is the best part. Love on puppy every time. Never call him to come to do something he doesn’t like too much, like putting him in the crate or room so you can leave for the day, or give him a bath (unless he likes those. Mine aren’t wild about them, but some love them.) If you have to do that, play with him or love on him for at least 30 seconds before you do the nasty thing.

A frustrating thing dogs learn is to tell time. They know our schedules and know how we act when we are going somewhere. Many dogs will deliberately not come when they know we are leaving. I mean, would you? So start calling puppy about five minutes before you have to leave. When they do come, give a treat and a love, and let them go again. Then do it again. And again, until it is actually time to go. They can count, so don’t do it the same amount of times every day, but change it up. Keep laying that foundation of coming to you is the best choice they will ever make. Never call them to scold them. Be the best choice they made all day. Coming to their best friend!

We want to make you happy and be your best friend forever! Just let us know what you want in a way we can understand.
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Social Media & Blatant Plugs

I work in social media, supposedly. I blog. I facebook. I write books that are e-published! I’ve even been known to tweet now and then – I mean, I amaze myself at what I do! However, I’m taking a marketing class and apparently I know nothing about social media. Nothing, I tell you.

I can grow a tomato though

But suddenly I find out I need to do things like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and I have yet to figure out what you do with Pinterest. I logged on there once about five years ago, promptly forgot my password and never went back. But I have a new one. What does one DO with a Pinterest account? Am I supposed to…pin things? I have a cork board over my desk for that. And pretty push pins. https://www.pinterest.com/kateskennel/ But I have one. Don’t bother clicking. I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet.

Instagram – you have to use that on your phone. You know – the #stupidnewphoneIhate It actually called 911 the other night. Butt dialed them, apparently. It sends out random incoherent messages even though I have a code to unlock it so it doesn’t do that. I don’t hear it half the time when it rings and can’t actually answer it most of the time when I do. But I’ve figured if I plug it in, walk away and ignore it, we get along fine. https://www.instagram.com/kateskennel/

This is Annabelle – I took her picture with my phone. I’m learning!

Now Facebook – that one I’m comfortable with. Whew! https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel I’ve probably chatted with many of you on there. I like it. I can do it on my laptop and type at you with two hands instead of one finger like on the phone. I talk better with all my fingers.

And the reason you are here – no, there are no puppies seeking homes at this time. We are all just chilling for a while, enjoying the warm weather while it lasts, planting the fall garden, harvesting the last of the summer things. I’m working on the third book in a series called McIntyre Magic but my publisher hasn’t told me the release date of the first one yet. They will, they are all thoughtful like that. My pen names: Megan McCoy https://www.amazon.com/Megan-McCoy/e/B01B9LK8GE?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1568143921&sr=8-1 and Claire Colby https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Claire+colby&i=digital-text&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Jenny, because I’m tired of talking about social media.

Coming up next – more dog training information! Because social media gives me anxiety but the dogs make me happy.

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