Big announcement!

I have been talking about a big announcement for a while now. Sorry to be mysterious because I seriously hate that kind of thing, but I was so excited and yet so reluctant to say anything till it was a done deal.

It is now a done deal. You may or may not know my husband died a while back. This house, which was fine for the two of us working, and 5 kids living here, is just way too much for just me and one kid anymore. Too big and too expensive. And I don’t have enough room for the dogs and my dreamed of gardens since the city ‘upgrades’ began. Do NOT get me started on the city tearing down my fence, killing my 5 year old asparagus bed and my 3 year old strawberry patch and the peonies I dug up from my grandma’s yard and transplanted, because progress.

So the dogs and I are moving to the country. It won’t be for a while. This batch of puppies will be at their forever homes before we go – there is a lot to do down there to make us all happy and safe. (and I’m kinda hoping there might be a mouse or two – but that is all!! – to make the lazy cats feel useful. It is the country after all!)

I will be doing pictures as I update and blogging about our new country life and all the new things I’ll be doing. Bees? I am taking a class! Chickens? The dogs do love eggs. I am hoping the dogs and I will love it there. They will – as you all know, they are my priority. I will make sure they are all happy and well cared for. I’m the one in for the big changes! Will I get my tv shows? What do you mean, you don’t e bill?

Ask my kids and friends. I am not a fan of change – I’m still not over the new phone I got a few months ago. But I’m trying to embrace this with everything I have. And, of course, as long as the dogs are happy, it will be great!

So – what do you think?

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