We have a few little dachshund pups looking for homes! Born just a few days ago, they will be ready to home early March. DO not tell me that isn’t almost spring. Yes, I know better but a person can hope, right? Spring, garden…and a big surprise coming up about then. I can’t wait to tell you all but ducks, they gotta row, you know.

Anyway! We have three little girls. Gorgeous babies who might be as pretty as their mom if they try hard enough – and three boys who will more than likely be as ornery as their dad. Mom is Juliet, a little short haired red and a dad is my black and tan long hair. I won’t know if they are short or long hair for several weeks yet. I do know they are doing well!

Daisy is grey and white. So striking!
This is Finnegan – such a face – he will look just like daddy!
Forrest is a red and white boy. Going to be attention getting!
Willow is a gorgeous silver gray – will she turn more brown/red? We don’t know!

There are a couple more but they have parents pending – we will see how things shake out – they are young yet.

$100 holds with weekly pictures and updates until they are ready to home in March. Then $500 cash when you get your new best friend. Any question, issues – email me – KateS5@live.com or look for my FB page and message me. I update there a lot more anymore. https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

Your new best friend is waiting for you….

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