Yeah, you’d think we lived in Illinois – and it is cold out! In November, I mean really? Luckily I work from home and the dogs and I can snuggle down and stay in mostly. We are delicate hothouse flowers and do not like the cold. Between that and the workers in my back yard, well, I’ve gotten a lot of words written. The dogs have gotten a lot of lap and nap time. Life is good when you don’t have bills to pay, I guess!

Coming out 11/23! Book 2

Working on book five of my Hometown Love series and hope to have it done next week, but then I also am going to my Navy Chief’s Navy ball this weekend. My social life is killing me!

My daughter. While she served in Afghanistan.

But – the promise of spring and new life is here – I have two little dachshund pups looking for homes. Born 11/8 they will be ready to go home after Christmas. Just in time to wrap a collar and put it under the tree, then get them when the hullabaloo dies down. Do you have hullabaloo at your house or is it a nice laid back holiday there? It will be laid back here this year, due to conflicting schedules we won’t ‘do’ Christmas till January. Strange…

Anyway- here are the boys! $500 – $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to go. One little red and one little black and white one! Contact me on FB or email:

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