Finally Friday!

Today is Friday! I love Friday, I start my Friday off with feeding the dogs, coffee and then the news. On the news show I watch, they play a Polka every Friday morning at 4 am and it kicks off the weekend for the dogs and me!

I mean the dogs don’t care it is Friday. And since I work from home, I really don’t either, but you have to mark time, somehow, right?

Today though, seems like a good place to start something new. I finished book four in my Hometown Love series, and sent it off to my publishers – here are the first two covers:

Coming out Oct 29th!
Coming out Nov 22nd

The third one has been accepted, but no news on it yet, and then I’m crossing my fingers they like number 4!

The last pup in the litter found a home and now I get some breathing room. No new pups due yet and these all start going home next week! They found great homes and I’m so excited for them to spread their wings and settle into their forever homes.

I have been house-hunting, which is nothing like it looks on tv shows. Looking for a few acres in the country for me and the dogs to settle into, for our forever home. You know, till the kids take away my keys and put me in a home. Haven’t found the best place yet. If there is a decent piece of land, the house is horrible and if the house is semi decent, there isn’t enough land. I’m not that picky but if I’m moving, I want it to be right. Moving is going to put a big cramp in my writing time.

So! Now – just in waiting mode. Need to start a new book, waiting on the puppies and looking forward to the house hunting. It feels like a new year! What kind of goals and plans do you have now?

One of my dogs living her best life out in the country. I want my dogs’ lives!
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