What, no holiday?!

So I’ve started a new book series and have 2 books in to my publisher so far – the third one is due Monday – we are talking Monday, a week from today….it isn’t even done, and I just got a total rewrite on it. Freaking out just a tiny bit. “How about we take out the holidays and just do generic winter?” Yeah, how about that, since they meet at Thanksgiving and it ends at New Year. See, this is me not panicking. Aren’t I doing it well? Yes, thought so, too. Or. Maybe not.

But! Puppies! I have a couple of those. 6 in fact. Daddy is my naughty mini poodle – mom is Loralie and this will be her last litter. She’s a Chinese Crested and going to get spayed and live the good life of being spoiled and adored and not knocked up.

Loralie – she loves being in the yard, hanging out.

She has three black and white pups, 2 mostly white like she is – I think they will have a few spots here and there like she does, and one totally black girl, who will look just like daddy. 3 boys, 3 girls.

The three boys
The three girls
The entire mess of them

Born Sept 14th, $400 each, $100 holds till they are ready to be home and in time to eat the Thanksgiving turkey bits you ‘accidentally’ drop on the floor! You know, the turkey I have to go back and take out of my book… Contact me via messenger here or email KateS5@live.com for an individual picture or more information!

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