Social Media & Blatant Plugs

I work in social media, supposedly. I blog. I facebook. I write books that are e-published! I’ve even been known to tweet now and then – I mean, I amaze myself at what I do! However, I’m taking a marketing class and apparently I know nothing about social media. Nothing, I tell you.

I can grow a tomato though

But suddenly I find out I need to do things like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and I have yet to figure out what you do with Pinterest. I logged on there once about five years ago, promptly forgot my password and never went back. But I have a new one. What does one DO with a Pinterest account? Am I supposed to…pin things? I have a cork board over my desk for that. And pretty push pins. But I have one. Don’t bother clicking. I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet.

Instagram – you have to use that on your phone. You know – the #stupidnewphoneIhate It actually called 911 the other night. Butt dialed them, apparently. It sends out random incoherent messages even though I have a code to unlock it so it doesn’t do that. I don’t hear it half the time when it rings and can’t actually answer it most of the time when I do. But I’ve figured if I plug it in, walk away and ignore it, we get along fine.

This is Annabelle – I took her picture with my phone. I’m learning!

Now Facebook – that one I’m comfortable with. Whew! I’ve probably chatted with many of you on there. I like it. I can do it on my laptop and type at you with two hands instead of one finger like on the phone. I talk better with all my fingers.

And the reason you are here – no, there are no puppies seeking homes at this time. We are all just chilling for a while, enjoying the warm weather while it lasts, planting the fall garden, harvesting the last of the summer things. I’m working on the third book in a series called McIntyre Magic but my publisher hasn’t told me the release date of the first one yet. They will, they are all thoughtful like that. My pen names: Megan McCoy and Claire Colby

Jenny, because I’m tired of talking about social media.

Coming up next – more dog training information! Because social media gives me anxiety but the dogs make me happy.

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