Shaking things up!

Today we are saying good bye to a friend. Most of you know that when you decide to get a young pup, I send home weekly pictures and updates till baby is ready to go home. One thing I often use is a picture of a soda can for sizing. Everyone knows how big a soda can is, even if you don’t drink soda. “Baby is a can and a half big this week!”

Almost, anyway!
Awwww, not even a can long.

I have a couple shelves where I keep cloths, toys, and things for backdrops in the pictures. I keep that can (and a couple others) there too. Take the pictures, can goes back on the shelf. Anddddddd apparently I’ve been doing that for a long time. Someone told me this morning that the picture I sent yesterday, the can was from 2015….. and was the puppy real? She wasn’t saying I was a scammer, but something was off.

I’ll say something’s off. The woman just put me in a planter!

And my cheap camera apparently is set on a wonky date. I didn’t even know it dated pictures! I knew it had a date setting, but since I can’t figure out how it works, I never paid any attention to it. And we all know I am struggling hard with the new fancyphoneIHate. I need one of the grandma phones with the big numbers and the easy workings. Do I ever get one? noooooo……So I take pictures with the cheapo camera. That obviously has a date setting!

So, while there is not much I can do – or care to do, truthfully, about the date setting on my camera, today I am officially retiring my beloved can of Dr. Pepper. There has been at least one puppy named after it. “The kids want to call puppy Pepper, because there was a can of Dr. Pepper in the picture.” “Aren’t you glad it wasn’t a can of Bud Light?” “Our cat is named Miller…” I still love that!

But, the can has worked hard. Done its canly duty and is time for retirement. Plus the recycling is being picked up today. One more picture for posterity…

Rest well, old friend
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Unless someone cuter shows up on my radar, this is probably going to be the replacement. It expires in November. Someone remind me in a year or two, okay?

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