Summer time and the living is easy…

That’s a song for those of you who don’t know ‘old’ songs. Or watch old movies. Or listen to classic radio – hey, I don’t judge, we all have our quirks!

But, life here is easy – the garden is doing great, almost done with my latest book, I hired a kid to mow most of my lawn so I can concentrate on my dogs, writing and gardens. Who would have thought that was a thing? I like it! I need to work more, so I can hire more stuff out – it’s like a magic wand!

Dogs love the weather till it gets too hot. They have sense and want to come back in the air conditioning after a few minutes out. I agree with them. I like warm, too – till it’s miserable. No one likes miserable when there is an option.

But while you are lounging in the air conditioning, during this heatwave, looking for your new best friend – I have a couple for you to think about! These guys are all looking forward to having their Christmas stocking hung at their forever home this year. Got a spare one and some love?

First of all, we have two little Poodle/Crested mixes, about 15-18 pounds fully grown, they are the best of all worlds, smart and funny like a poodle, loyal and loving and wanting to please like a Crested.

Timothy – $400 Born 6/14
Josiah $400 Born June 14

Going a totally other route, there are a couple mini dachshund males – yeah, I always have boys. Must be something in the water…

Matthew $500 born June 17th
Maverick $500 born June 17

Oh – did I mention a pure poodle litter? Yup – mom and dad are both black minis – mom is a tiny mini and dad goes rogue and spreads the love but we won’t mention that right now… 2 apricot females $750 each, 1 apricot male, $700 and 3 black males $700. Born 2 weeks ago – July 6th, ready to home early Sept.

poodles poodles poodles!
Different angle, still poodles!

Contact me with questions or more information – which is kind of the same thing, I think. Anyway – comment here, or preferred – or on FB message from my page KatesKennel.

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