Six little boys!

Is that anything like six little kittens who lost their mittens? Or am I mixing metaphors or similes or something? Does it matter? Nah. You just want to see the puppies! And perhaps consider giving one a forever home? Who knows?

So first of all there are the poodle Crested mixes. Three males, two more black who look like dad, one more white who resembles mom, but acts like his (poodle non related) Aunt Hannah. He is the first to run to me, the first to give kisses. The other two are a little more laid back, which is also good!

Timothy, Josiah and Benjamin

Born June 14th, they will be ready to go home in less than a month! Start planning now – $100 hold with weekly pictures and updates, then $300 cash on delivery.

We also have 3 little mini dachshund baby boys. Born June 17th, they will be ready to go home mid August. $100 holds, with $400 cash on delivery. Aren’t they adorable? That wasn’t a question – they are!

Matthew, Maverick, Max

Then there is the poodle litter, however I won’t be taking deposits on them until Saturday – get them over the week old mark. They all seem fine and healthy, but last thing I want to do is break someone’s heart. So we will wait – just so you know, mom is a very small mini, dad is a regular mini. I have 2 apricot girls at $750 each, 1 apricot boy and 3 black boys. $700 each. They all seem now to be on the smaller side but will see as they get older.

I need names….so many names……

As always – contact me for more information/pictures on any one. or FB message me on that page – or leave me a message on here! Looking forward to hearing from you! Kate

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