Is it harvest time already?

Love these what my dad always called ‘free days’. Not running the air or the heater and the bank account gets a rest. Puppies get to play outside some and we all just enjoy summer. Well, but for me – I’m looking at all these tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, peppers, okra, corn and zucchini Someone grew and picked. Realizing how much work Someone has in the next few days to preserve them…anyway! Puppies! Oh, yeah, they will come watch me water and ‘help’ me weed. Don’t tell them, but they are really not much help. Just entertainment since my daughter hasn’t reloaded my Ipod lately and I have nothing in my ears. I’ll speak to her about that later. I mean, a mom has needs!

Timothy knows this. Poodle/Crested mix male $400 born June 14th

Then there are poodle pups! Dad is my infamous black poodle and mom is a tiny mini – she IS a mini – there are differences in body build – but is as small as my toy poodle. So these pups will be between 10 and 15 pounds probably. 2 apricot girls, one apricot boy and 3 black males. Born July 6th, they are not quite a month old and just learning their way in the world.

Kayla and Kylie – girls $750
Kaide, Kory and Kristoff
Kip – all males are $700 with a hundred to hold till time to home.

How is your summer going? It’s almost August – fall is fast approaching. Enjoy it while you can!

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