The End Game?

Apparently there is a movie out that is causing some talk. Something about.. I don’t know. Last movie I saw at the theater, I think was Godzilla. The one with Matthew Brodrick? I don’t movie often, I guess.

But my son, who does movie often told me that these two pups looked just like Thor and Loki. Now I know who they are, ’cause I was sort of a mythology buff when I was younger. So!

Thor is a Poodle/Crested mix. He had a home but it fell through. Hey, stuff, happens, I know, and he is happy here – but would be happier with his very own family. Born Feb 4th, he is ready to go home now. He looks just like poodle dad except his hair isn’t as curly as dad’s. I think that is a good thing – that curly hair is challenging to keep brushed!


Sweet boy!

He is $350 – contact me soon!

Then there is Loki who is a Chinese Crested. Mom is about 15 pounds, dad is about 8 – he is smaller, but don’t tell him! He’s adorable, sweet, playful, fun and hypoallergenic. Born 3/24 he will be ready to home mid/late month. $400.



You know you need a baby for not only summer fun, but to be your best friend as long as they live.

Contact me – FB – or email.

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