One of those weeks….

So, we all have Those Weeks, or days when everything breaks and nothing works and the dogs poop on the floor, track in mud, mud, and more mud, and the car doesn’t start and the phone won’t work and there is nothing in the house worth eating….well! Yes. I’m whining. However, I’m luckier than many because I am never without comfort. Dogs on my lap, in my chair, in my bed, kissing me all over. I swear, no one can make you feel better than a dog loving on you.

We’ll be glad to cuddle after we finish shredding the paper towels. First things first!

Having a bad day? Week? A great one and wanting to share it? Hey, we like good days too!

Here is who are looking for forever homes! Ready to home mid/late May, there are four little dachshund babies wanting to share their love, sleep in your bed, eat your popcorn, chew your shoes and dig holes in your yard. What’s a sprained ankle between friends, right?

Dimitri was born 3/21 and looks to be a long haired like dad.


Then there is Deacon.


Born 3/24 here is Garrett.


Last but not least – Gretchen is a squishy little bundle of love…


Boys are $450, she is $500, and $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to go home! Could they be any cuter? I might be just a tad prejudiced, but that’s because I get cuddles and loves. Yeah, I’ll share – contact me soon! or for the fastest response! (like I said, my phone is being wonky….sigh – week is over soon!)

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