Who is Looking for a Forever Home? I’m Glad You Asked!

Time for an update – it has been crazy around here – how is your house? All sane and quiet and wonderful? You know what? I can change that – just add a puppy and shake! Or is that an olive and a martini? I don’t care for olives, and don’t drink martinis so it must be a puppy! Nothing will fill your house with love and laughter and annoyance and energy like a puppy will. Are they worth it? Yeah. No doubt.

I have several babies looking for forever homes! One came available just last night when his home fell through. We understand that and we are glad she knew now and not when puppy had been there 8 months and was doing his version of a puppy’s terrible twos!

His name is Hans and he’s a hairless male Chinese Crested – perfect for people who value the unusual, who might have allergies or cold hands (mine are my organic hand warmers) and a big warm heart. Born Jan 17th, he is ready to go home now. $450.

Hans – hairless male Crested

Then we also have a few Mini poodle/Chinese Crested mix pups. My poodle boy can be very sneaky. But I love him. These were born Feb 8th and are ready to go home end of the month. Mom has mostly weaned them already, they are eating well, and doing great.

Boys are $350 and they all look just like dad – the mini poodle. I don’t think their hair will be as curly, but other than that – daddy’s genes are strong.

Poodle mix – Simon

Poodle mix – Silas and Sebastian.

They have two sisters, too.

Samantha and Sabrina! $350

Too cute!

Also seeking a home, a litter of poodles – mom is a toy apricot, dad is my naughty mini. Born only March 9th, they will be ready to go home early May. Just in time for summer fun! One apricot girl, one black girl and one black boy. $500, $100 holds with weekly pictures and updates till they are ready to home. If you are interested, let me know soon, my last pure poodle litter homed before there eyes were open.

No names yet – have any ideas?

As always – email me, KateS5@live.com, or message me on Facebook, facebook.com/Kateskennel I update FB more than here, by the way. Leave me a message on here, or you can text or call, but really, I talk better with two hands than one finger….looking forward to meeting you!

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