Got your tree up?

Are you doing a tree? I have mine up  but nothing under it yet.  I keep thinking – let’s just keep the presents safe.   What’s under yours?  I know a few pups who would not only be the best present under the tree this year, but also for the next 18 years.  What other present can say that?  They might as well give up and go to the Isle of Misfit Toys now!

Nicholas and Tiny Tim are both Chinese Crested boys and are ready to go home Christmas week!  Nicholas will be much less hairy – he will have the typical Crested bald spots and Tim will be a fluffy bundle of love.



Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim

Adorable, right?  Either will be a wonderful addition to your family life.   $400 each  $100 holds until Christmas week (or after if you are busy).

Then we have Mini Poodle/Chinese Crested mixes.  One little sable girl ($400) and 2 little black and white boys ($350 each) who were just born 11/25 so won’t be ready to home till mid January.   Just in time for long winter  night cuddles under the blanket and in front of the fire, crisp morning walks and more love that you can handle.




Oh – and shhhhh……don’t tell anyone….. but we have a brand new dachshund litter just born 12/6.   2 boys – one a silver blue, one a dark red, and two girls – reddish and white and dark brown and white.   My last litter was homed before they were a week old so if you have any interest contact me asap.   Aren’t they adorable!!!  $500 each – $100 holds till they are ready to home!

2 girls, 2 boys

dachshund litter

they reek of cute!

I hope you all have a great holiday!

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