Christmas Pups!


Hmmmm – so apparently my web people – yes, I have web people (who knew??) automatically upgraded my stuff.   If anyone knows me, change is not something I’m a big fan of, but we will see how this goes…. – if you hear someone sobbing in a corner, let me know and I’ll check a mirror, okay?

So there are a couple pups still looking for Christmas homes!  What other present will you give yourself that you will still be loving on in 18 years?  

There are two boys – same mom, same dad and oh so different.  I don’t judge.  I have two brothers.  One is five ten and bald.  The other is six five and is still brushing a full head of hair, which is hardly fair because no one ever looks down on it.  But!   The pups are both Chinese Cresteds – Nicholas is considered a hairless, though he has quite a bit of hair.  Very good pup for those with mild allergies and who just kinda don’t like hair.    


Then there is Tiny Tim – who, despite his name is a  big, fluffy, bundle of love and kisses.   He has hair and will enjoy your de stressing time of brushing.  Just as good as yoga!  

Tiny Tim

He’s adorable!

$400 each and ready to go home to be your best friend next week, just in time for Christmas!  Or they can hang out here till after your parties are over.    Some people have lives, I hear.  I just hang out with the dogs.  They appreciate it, I’m sure. 

There is also one Mini Poodle/Chinese Crested mix – CrestiePoo!   – left from a litter. His name is Oliver and won’t be ready to go home till mid January.   Can you think of a better time?  He will be home in time for lots of long winter night couch snuggles, popcorn sharing, crisp morning walks,  keeping your feet warm in bed.      He can’t wait!  $350 and $100 holds with weekly updates till he goes home!

Too cute!

Contact me soon for more information –   

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2 Responses to Christmas Pups!

  1. Tracy Haas says:

    Hi Kate, I was wondering if you could send more pics of Nic? Will his hair stay like that or will it get longer and more like the crested hair?

    • kateskennel says:

      His hair will get longer as he grows up – you mean his facial, leg and tail hair? I’m sending you some more pictures via email.

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