Time for Joy and Time for…Yukon Cornelius?

I love Rudolph!  The movie,  you know, the one with Burl Ives as the snowman.  Does the snowman have a name?  Huh.  Wait…..OH!  Google is your friend, my friends.   Sam the Snowman!  How could I have watched this for years and not known this?  I guess I was too busy hanging out waiting for the hunky prospector to show up.   Sigh…. yes, I’m easily impressed, why do you ask?

Anyway!   Now that I have my head away from cute beards and ‘staches –  let’s talk about puppies, because that is why you are really here, right?   There are two little boys ready to go home for Christmas.  What other present under the tree will be loved 18 years from now?  Not even a new car!  Well, maybe a Corvette?  But a puppy will.   They are ready to be your best friend for the rest of their lives.  Are you needing some unconditional love?  I’ve got it for you.   Two little Chinese Crested boys – look at those eyes  – they are searching for homes!




There is also Tiny Tim.  Yes, the Scrooge with Mr. Magoo is the only real one, in my opinion.   He is a soft cuddly bundle of fluff and love.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim

They were born 11/6 and are ready to go home around Christmas.  $400 each – $100 deposit holds till you are ready for them!

Then we have a brand new set of babies born 11/25..  2 black and white males, one sable female.  These are mini poodle/Crested mixes and will be ready to home mid January.    Put a collar and leash under the tree and they will be ready to come home after your life calms down again!

Sable girl 

Black and white boys

Girl is $400  – boys are $350.  $100 holds with weekly pictures till homed.

So – what are your favorite Christmas movies?

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