Christmas, Christmas, time is near, time for joy and….

Time for puppies!  What could be better than a puppy under the tree?  Why, YES, you are right – a best friend for the next 18 years!    Guess what there are here?  Again – look how smart you are – yes,  your new best friend and ready to go home around Christmas time!    (Or they can hang out here a while till you get back from vacation.  No worries.)

First of all we have Chinese Cresteds – 3 girls and 2 boys, all puffs, but one hairless male. These will be small, delightful, dancing little dogs who don’t bark much, love kids and adults, love to please and be with their people.  The perfect dogs for long walks and longer snuggles on the couch watching their favorite sappy Christmas movie!   None of them should exceed 15 pounds but all will be sturdy, healthy, happy babies who will be the best thing you did for yourself this year.  Girls are $450, boys are $400 – $100 deposit holds till Christmas with weekly updates and pictures till home time.

Noelle Joy

Noelle Joy

Twinkle has more white on her face.

Twinkle (on top) and Clarice

Then the two boys – Yukon is going to be a hairless – perfect if you like unusual dogs, or have a family with allergies!   He will have hair on his head, legs and tail but his body will have only a bit of fuzz which is easily shaved down.

Yukon Cornelius

Tiny Tim

Pink – the cat keeping watch over Yukon and Tiny Tim

Then we have the Poodles!   Mom is a sable with a hint of apricot toy and Dad is my infamous playboy  black mini poodle.   They were born within 12 hours of the Cresteds because I don’t need sleep!!!!!  True fact.     4 Boys and  2 Girls

Cousin Eddie and Clark

Candy Cane and Sugar Cookie (f)



Hey, I’m tired, how about you?  Want a long winter’s nap?  Got any sugarplums?

Contact me soon – $100 deposit holds your new best friend!

Oh, and I will have a Christmas novella coming out soon – more details when I get them, but it will be free for 24 hours!   His Christmas Elf by Megan McCoy.   I’ll let you know when you can download it!

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  1. Debra says:

    Hi there , how much are the puppies , when will they be ready and where are you located

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