Where does your new best friend live?

Why, here, of course!   But that isn’t quite what I meant.    Where are they born? In a  kennel in the yard?    Where do they grow to be big puppies and ready for their forever homes?  Underfoot or outside in the barn?

Well.  Like I’ve said before, many many puppies are born on my bed.  I KNOW – but the linens wash, and I have towels handy. Plus a whelping pen I can move them to as soon as I know things are happening.   I take my moms to bed with me the last few days before they are due.  I realize some pups (and people’s) babies are born on a schedule.  Mine, hey, they like to pick the worst or most inconvenient times and, conspire –  Let us arrive!  Why not?   She had three hours sleep last night – tonight seems perfect to show up!  Since she will be sleeping hard, I can fit in a few before she moves us!

Before the pups are born, I bring the moms down here in the writing room during the day where we all hang out.  And while there are 4 open crates, a couple couches and a recliner for them to go in, most chose to have them on my foot. Again, why not?   They know who loves them and will take care of them.    But then they are moved to my bedroom till they open their eyes.

Then – this happens.


This is in the dining room and front tv room, away from the bigger dogs, but still in ear shot and that is where we eat, I fold laundry, hang out, etc.   They are well socialized there.   (As are my bigger dogs here who for some reason are going crazy ‘it’s raining!!!  We don’t want out but but but!’  LOL!  Silly dogs.  I threw them some new toys to distract them and we are playing. )

I tried to take some pictures of the poodle mix pups looking for homes – they just had a bath today and I deep cleaned the pen while they were drying – and…they were not wanting to pose.  But!

4 boys, 2 girls – poodle crested mixes – 15 pounds max full grown and Adorable.  Look just like their poodle dad – but their hair will be easier to care for.   $350 brings anyone home  Ready to home weekend of the 20th!   Contact me soon for information and better pictures of these adorable babies!

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