Thigh high in puppies

How lucky can one person be?    There are several puppies looking for homes and you want to know all about them, don’t you?  I knew it!

There are four boys seeking their forever people.   Three solid black males (other than a bit of white under a throat or on the occasional paw, just like mini poodle daddy), and one black and white baby boy.

They are Mini Poodle/Chinese Crested mixes, and they all look just like dear old Poodle dad whose genes are strong.   $100 holds till ready to home next week, and then $200 cash on delivery.  These will be  loyal, loving, smart family dogs.   Fitting in with an active family or a laid back retired person or being the  ‘practice child’ for a young couple, you can not go wrong with  one of these pups – perfect temperaments, the ability to adapt to situations and learn faster than you can.  Sorry, it’s a poodle thing.   They are just intelligent and we can only try to keep up.

Then we have a brand new litter – a week old tomorrow!  These are pure Chinese Crested puffs.   Look it up – it is a thing! Mom is a puff, dad is a hairless.  His genes are not as strong as the poodle dad, I guess, no hairless in this litter.  Sigh.   Oh well – these, too, will be great family dogs.  Mom is a lover.   Dad is a cat….well, I always say he acts like one anyway!  Likes to lay in the sunshine and likes to be his own adorable self.  Here he is – Elvis!

Isn’t he cute??   His pups are too.  4 girls, 2 boys.

The two boys

The four girls

Girls are $500, boys are $450.  $100 holds till ready to home, with weekly pictures and updates as they grow!  Contact me soon!

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