Meet The Cresteds!

Why am I humming ‘meet the Flinstone’s’ in my head? I’m so easily swayed – and I happen to love music.  I can’t sing or play, but by gosh, I’m a real good listener!   So – meet Blake and Luke!  Cassadee, Kacey, Miranda and Maren!   Their mom is an AKC registered Chinese Crested puff.

She has lots of hair as you can see – thus the ‘puff’ designation.

Then there is the hairless dad – Elvis.   Though he is called hairless, he does have hair on his head, tail and feet, and a bit of body fuzz.

These pups all take after Mom.  Apparently only my male poodle has The Strong Genes.  Too bad!  So they are all puffs.  They will all have hair, everywhere, but probably not in their ears.  That seems to be a poodle thing and eww.

Cresteds are great little dogs – when you come to my house and hear barking, it is not the perfect Cresteds.  It’s the dachshunds and poodles and OMG the yorkie.  This is why I only have one yorkie.  She is LOUD – but completely adorable.

But she has nothing to do with this litter….

This litter is all Chinese Crested.


Luke and Maren are all black, and Blake, Miranda, Kacey and Cassadee are all different splotches of black and white, like Mom.   They should be 10-15 pounds fully grown, adorable, fun, loyal to their people, socially friendly to strangers and family, great bed snugglers, good with kids and older people, and everyone in between.   They are well socialized here, raised in the tv room, used to house noises and kids.  When they get older they will get hauled to the home to visit and get handed around to nurses and residents.   First shots, dewormed three times and the start of potty pad training.

Girls are $500, boy are $450  – $100 deposit holds with weekly updates and pictures till they go home. Contact me soon – here or on Facebook.  Email – or 217-454-2730

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