Poodle Mix Pups!

Yes, I have puppies – an entire litter of adorable pups!   Their mom is our precious Stella Orkarina – Stell, Rin, Rina – and this is her last litter.   I got her for my son after his dad passed away and she is ready to retire and be his full time pillow..  The kid is over her being gone for a few months every couple years while she has a litter of pups and wants her back in his bed full time.   I can’t blame him – I have a couple dogs I sleep with, and he only has her.

She has the best temperament.   Great kid dog, great family dog and while these pups all look just like their playboy poodle dad, we hope they get mom’s perfect personality.    I’m working on it.   And so is she.  Dad made his genetic contribution and he’s so moving on to greener pastures.

Anyway – they should be about 10-12 pounds fully grown – great size for your growing family.  Not too big to be picked up, and small enough to lap sit – and they will want to, I promise!

There are 2 girls   – one is black and white, Puffin,  and one is solid black, Darjeeling – like the exotic tea.  What else should a Crestie-poo if not exotic?

And there are three boys – Caviar, Oreo and Smokey.  Oreo, obviously is black and white – the others are solid black.

Ready to be home before Halloween to help you hand out candy or be dressed up and adorable (keep the chocolate for yourself, no matter how they beg!).

Do you see your new best friend?   Contact me soon – $350 for any of them, and $100 deposit holds, with weekly pictures till they are ready to go home!

KateS5@live.com  –  217 454 2730 – leave a message

Facebook –   https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel/

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