New stuff!

Two new things going on right now!  One, I have a litter of mini poodle mix pups looking for homes.  Every single one of them look like their mini poodle dad.

Yeah, I’m a bad groomer – tell me something I don’t know….

4 boys, 2 girls – Mom is a Chinese Crested puff, our infamous Stella who plays tether ball and is my son’s pillow.  This is her last litter.  She will be getting spayed in November and will live the life of leisure hanging out in my son’s room and eating his leftover pizza crust.   She has the best temperament, and I hope despite looking like their dad, all the pups will have the same.

They now have eyes open and are searching for their forever homes!  Only $350 for the girls and $300 for the boys, they will be smart, funny, excellent companion and family dogs.

NOW for the other news of the day – you knew I had something….   meet McKenzie – Kenzie is 8 weeks old and not looking for a home.  She is my new baby and since I’ve promised you all training info – I’m going to be training this baby and showing off both our successes and failures.

Wanna join in the fun?  Will be sharing at least once a week – we are starting with puppy pad training, and coming when you are called.  She has been here less than 24 hours and that is our plan – well, besides settling in and learning that her mommy is the best thing ever.   I mean – really, that kinda goes without saying, right?  (She’s not so sure yet, but she’s hoping.)

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