Who Knew?

Not me apparently.  I just found out I’ve been updating another website,  that isn’t this one?  I’m sorry!  I meant to be updating here  – and yet, I’ve been Lalalaling along and giving someplace else my pictures and adorable puppy updates.

Me and tech support are now very good buddies (His name is Jamey and he is Marvelous.  My other job is writer and I have this whole fun thing in my head about smart and patient Jamey… but I digress).    And I hope – I’m not promising!  But I hope to be here more from now on.  If I can find it, and do the right one and…well….

Anyway – check out the available page.  I have a pup who needs a home Bad.   He is adorable and I do not need to fall in love.  Even though his little head is on my foot right now.   His little head needs to be on your foot.  Who needs shoelaces? Not us, right?  But we do need puppy love!

Teddy Bear:

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