So the dogs are worthless.   Oh, yeah, sure when the doorbell rings they act like someone zapped them with a taser.  When someone comes over they like to say HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!  Until I want to be….  They scratch at the back door and whine to go outside where they let the squirrels tease them till they are feverish.

However, the one thing I want them to do – One thing!! Its all I ask! Is to keep things out of my garden!  How hard can it be? Sure, they are only outside  a few hours a day, off and on, but really?  Don’t dogs like to mark their territory and tell other critters This is Theirs?  And what do mine do?

That’s right – let rabbits eat all my fall planted green beans.  Lets just see how much casserole I let them have this Thanksgiving!  Hmph!    (and sob…. )

And cute puppy just because.   Oh and yes, he is looking for a forever home.  Contact me!  Kates5@live.com

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