First post! Introduction

If you are wandering over here looking for puppies – yay!  I sometimes have a few of those.   Right now I have one male poodle and 2 Cresteds looking for homes.  Check the Available tab for pictures!   They are pretty cute!

First off – I had a website before – Long Road Kennel – and for some reason I got locked out of it.  I paid my bill! Really!  But it simply will not let me back in, so here we are.  Brand new website.  You like?  It will get better.

My name is Kate.   I have some dogs, and have worked as a trainer for over 15 years now.  Used to show, but gotten tired of that.  Right now, I just want to place some great puppies into equally great homes.

My full time job is writer.  I have 9 books out, and ten is coming out July 3.  I’m working on a brand new series in a totally different genre.   So far, so fun!  Here is a picture of my latest book cover….aren’t artists amazing?

I have a lot of kids and equally as many grandboys.   Very lucky!   Hobbies include gardening, reading, brushing dogs, canning and chatting at my dog parents.

I KNOW – I’m so boring, right?  But that means my dogs get a lot of attention.   They are raised in the house, not in a kennel, and are spoiled rotten.   They aren’t sorry.  They expect it by now.   Rotten dogs.

I’ll be writing more off and on – some training articles, some personal things.   Throw out requests, I’ll probably write about it.  Looking forward to chatting at you!


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