Welcome to Kate’s Kennel – otherwise known as the tv room, office, the kitchen and the back yard, which is where we all hang out.  My dogs aren’t really in a kennel.  It would probably hurt their spoiled sensibilities.    They are lap sitting, couch resting, yard playing, bed sleeping, underfoot all the time, darlings.

I raise Miniature Poodles, an occasional Yorkie-poo and Chi-poo, and Mini Dachshunds.   Someone asked me to pick my favorite.  Well, if I could…. but I can’t.  Love them all for their different personalities.  And they all adore their new families. I see the lives they get to live with their forever people., via pictures and updates, and know they are the luckiest pups.

Contact me at KateS5@live.com   to learn more about the puppies. Call or text at 217 454 2730   or Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/kateskennel

Check the Available puppy/Blog page to see who is looking for their forever home and for dog training information.  Welcome!

Dachshund litter

poodle pups